Although these face masks were fun to design - they were inspired by one special dog. Read below for the full story.

Our Story

The Beginning

Love can be found in the most unexpected places... Dominican Republic. What was supposed to be the last relaxing night of my vacation, ended up being an emotional and nerve-wracking chain of events because... I got a puppy. And it wasn’t a normal and healthy puppy. He was malnourished, underweight and mostly a sleeping bundle of fur ball. After I saw him being sold at a local bar in a cardboard box, I held him and knew immediately that leaving him behind was not an option. With a mad rush next day to get proper vaccinations and paperwork, we made it back to Canada with him.



Back at home, between learning to be a first time dog parent, to teaching him new tricks and routines... time flew by.

Years later, Lucky is still by my side. He went from being a timid pup to a relaxed dog who thrives on affection and loves people.

He's well loved by all and I take no credit for his well mannered and relaxed temperament as he was always a playful and loving dog. Now you know where the name comes from - if this is not how LUCK is defined, then I don’t know what is.



Little did I know that Lucky's health was quickly declining and he was lethargic and not being his usual self. Fortunately we discovered the cause and caught it early on.

Lucky was diagnosed with Cushing's disease, a tumor growing on his adrenal gland. Although medication is an option it can cause severe reactions and only "maintains" the conditions.

Thankfully we've caught this early enough to be operated and reverse the condition.


LLXOXO was born

My amazing family and friends wanted to help raise funds for Lucky's surgery. The idea of selling limited edition custom designed masks was born. Since they wanted some trendy masks themselves - this worked out. We also decided to do raffle for a gift basket.

Naming the shop was the next step. I instinctively knew that the name would have to be inspired by the purpose of this cause - Lucky! So that's how LLXOXO came to be (Love Lucky, Hugs and Kisses).

Every mask purchased at LLXOXO goes towards the cost of his surgery. Lucky and I are extremely thankful for your support. And an extra special shout out to those who helped make all this  come to fruition. Thank you!